St. Charles Elementary School

1690 Hwy 1

Thibodaux, Louisiana 70301


Owner:      Lafourche Parish School Board

Architect:  David Reed, Morton Verges Architects

Project:     Roofing Replacement and Repairs


By the time the 2004-2005 school year approached, St. Charles Elementary was in dire need for roof replacement on three of the school's buildings, as well as repairs to the main school building.  With funding secured, the Lafourche Parish School Board put the project to bid thru Morton Verges Architects, and Edward J. Laperouse Metal Works, Inc. was awarded the project. 


In an effort to save time and money by not having to remove the existing corrugated roofing panels, the owners and Architect opted to install the new Standing Seam 24 gauge roofs over the existing roofs.  This also allowed for the school to function  continuously thru the re-roofing project.      



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Edward J. Laperouse Metal Works installed the Roofhugger   16 gauge retro-fit framing system over the existing building purlins.  Additional insulation and Ultra Seam 200 Standing Seam panels were then installed over the new retor-fit purlins.  Also, the existing ridges were cut and a vented ridge was installed to allow for proper ventilation.   


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The finish product was an attractive, structurally sound, continuous panel roofing system with no exposed fasteners.  The project was a success!!!

Finish Product

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