East Street School

609 East Street

Houma, Louisiana 70363


Owner:      Terrebonne Parish School Board

Architect:  Merlin A. Lirette, A.I.A

Project:     Roof Repair / Replacement



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Edward J Laperouse Metal Works acted as the General Contractor for this re-roofing project which involved the coordination of Electrical, HVAC, Suspended Ceilings, and Fencing sub-contractors.    



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Initial work on the roof consisted of scraping the gravel from the surface where new steel beams were to be placed provided a smooth attachment point. The beams were anchored to the existing steel structures through the existing roofing membrane and steel decking. Maintaining the water-tightness of the building was a challenging task because the flat roof held water after a rain. All removed equipment and curbs had to be sealed as well. 

New insulation was installed under the metal panels.  A vented ridge was also installed to allow for proper ventilation.

Finish Product

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Edward J. Laperouse Metal Works has successfully completed almost a dozen of these projects for the Terrebonne Parish School Board System over the past few years.  We have also performed similar projects for other public and private entities. 

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