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Specify Ultra Seam

Ultra Seam metal roofing products provide an ideal architectural solution for almost any type of structure.  Ultra Seam metal roofing products utilize state of the art technology to provide the perfect blend of function and aesthetics on a cost effective basis to enhance any building envelope.  Edward J. Laperouse Metal Works has been a proud member of the Ultra Seam Group since 1995. 

Whether your requirements are for low-slope or steep slope, mansard, retrofit, or walkway canopies, Ultra Seam systems are suitable for either spanning structural purlins or attaching directly to solid and insulated substrates.   We currently feature 1 and 2 high 24 gauge G-90 galvanized steel single and double locked standing seam roof panels produced onsite on a state-of- the- art high production Knudsen KR-24 rollformer.  Typical panel assemblies include concealed anchor clips and fasteners designed to eliminate the need for thru-panel fasteners yet meet the most stringent win d-uplift requirements.  Ultra Seam US-200  roofing panels have been undergone  ASTM 1592 testing as well as UL 580 testing of roof assemblies and awarded a UL-90 wind-uplift rating.

Choose from dozens of Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 colored coatings which provide exceptional color stability, durability, chalk, fade and abrasion resistance.  Finish warranties of up to 30 years are standard. We offer new Ultra Cool colors for increased energy savings.   Laperouse is proud to introduce our new Ultra Seam curved US 150 panel to accommodate barrel and vaulted roof designs.  We also specialize in custom copper roof projects for historically and architecturally significant projects which demand nothing less than the best blend of classic aesthetics and unequaled longevity.