Edward J. Laperouse Metal Works, Inc.  

Vision Statement / Mission Statement

Mr. Edward J. Laperouse     

Our company was created in 1935 by Edward J. Laperouse who learned sheet metal craftsmanship as a young apprentice. During the great depression of the 1930's, he worked day and night to build his business of providing gutters, downspouts and flashings for all structures. He assisted with the war effort by designing and building canning equipment that enabled local seafood products to be safely packaged and shipped overseas. Following the war, he added to his work force and entered the heating and air conditioning duct business.

By the mid 1950's he had expanded his business by providing both steep and low slope roofing services to the south Louisiana area.  In 1970 he began to utilize rollforming technology to include standing seam metal installations specializing in 20 year KYNAR 500 finish products.

Today, Edward J. Laperouse Metal Works, Inc. provides commercial low slope and standing seam metal roof installations. It is a certified applicator for ULTRASEAM, SIPLAST, GAF and other roofing systems. In addition, it is also an authorized Ultraseam Manufacturer, producing state of the art standing seam metal roofing systems, which are manufactured on the jobsite for optimum efficiency.

Laperouse built roofs protect hundreds of schools, churches, banks, office, civic and other commercial buildings. We have the capability of retrofitting existing roof structures to add additional slope to accommodate new standing seam metal roofs.

As licensed General Contractors, we have the ability and experience to coordinate all trades including mechanical, electrical and interior disciplines to provide the owner with a comprehensive turnkey roofing and renovation project. We have successfully completed roofing projects in excess of 200,000 square feet.

Our commitment to quality workmanship is evidenced by our most important asset, our skilled craftsmen. Many of them have been practicing their trade with us for 30 years or more. We stand behind their work and their personal commitment to quality.

We have been members of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) since 1977; participating in numerous association programs since that time. Our president has served as an officer for the association and continues to serve on technical, education and legal committees. We are also members of the National Roofing Legal Resource Center and our firm is a charter governor of the Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress in support of the National Roofing Foundation and its work on behalf of the roofing industry.

Our commitment to this industry and to our customers is as meaningful today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow.